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Interior Design Done Differently
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Elizabeth and Blake Willeford are the power duo of Elizabeth Blake Designs, a design firm doing things a bit differently in the vibrant Houston Heights neighborhood. With over two decades of experience, Elizabeth's design expertise is shaped by her family's legacy of artists and designers, while Blake's proficiency in interior architecture and digital designs infuses a contemporary edge into their projects.


Elizabeth Blake Designs has transformed the interior design landscape with their innovative digital product called "Room Revamp 360." Unlike traditional pricing structures involving markups and hourly fees, Room Revamp 360 provides clients with a fully designed room for a fixed fee. This comprehensive package is curated from online retailers, reflecting Elizabeth's distinctive style by blending affordable finds with high-quality pieces. The result? Stunning interiors that authentically resonate with their clients' personalities.

With a dedication to transparency and a commitment to excellence, Elizabeth and Blake oversee every aspect of the design journey, ensuring that each room reflects the client's lifestyle and preferences. Their goal is to bring their clients' design dreams to life, creating beautifully curated spaces that inspire and delight, one room at a time.


Room Revamp 360

Room Revamp 360 is a digital product created to elevate your interior spaces by offering cost and time savings, along with transparency throughout the process. We understand that sourcing products can be daunting, time-consuming, and costly, especially when mistakes occur. Room Revamp 360 is crafted to alleviate the hassles of interior design, setting us apart from other firms by removing markups and continuous hourly charges. Instead, we adopt a fixed fee per room and meticulously curate your space using products sourced from online retailers. Although we don't specialize in custom-made furnishings, we serve individuals who seek a tastefully decorated home that mirrors their personality and life experiences, all at a more affordable price point than custom-made options.

The process begins with a thorough consultation in the client's home, where we assess the room scope, discuss design needs, and capture the client's unique vision. Within 6 weeks, we deliver Room Revamp 360 to your inbox—a customized digital presentation featuring a floor plan, mood board, and handpicked links to furnishings, textiles, lighting, and accessories.

We strive to offer you a one-of-a-kind room design while giving you the freedom to implement the plan at your convenience. Our approach provides clients with a clear interior design roadmap, allowing them to make direct purchases whenever they choose.


We'll start our collaboration with a consultation in the comfort of your home. During this meeting, we'll assess the details of your project, take photographs and measurements, and get to know your lifestyle and specific interior design needs. This is our chance to understand your unique vision and set the stage for our design journey together.


Upon completing the design phase, we will email you a personalized design presentation. This includes convenient links to furnishings, accessories, art, lighting, and textiles from internet retailers. When you're ready to proceed, click on the provided links and place your order directly with the retailer.


Following the assessment phase, we spend up to 6 weeks sourcing and curating your room, creating a total design that best represents your taste and existing heirlooms and furnishings. 


When your items arrive to your home, you will unpack and set them up according to your floor plan and vision board. When your room is ready, let us know, and we will come by to do a final walkthrough, fluff up the furnishings, and make final recommendations. Click, ship, arrive, and set up!



Interior Design Done Differently

Let Elizabeth Blake Designs make your interior design experience easy & effortless.



Working with Elizabeth and Blake was an absolute delight! As someone who loves to take on DIY projects but often gets overwhelmed with the details, Elizabeth was like a guiding light throughout the process.

Her expertise and friendly guidance made what could have been a daunting project feel manageable and fun. She took the time to truly understand my vision and offered invaluable suggestions to bring it to life even better than I had imagined.

With their help, I transformed my space into something truly special and unique. From selecting the perfect furnishings to adding those extra touches that make all the difference, Elizabeth's attention to detail and creativity shone through every step.

Working with Elizabeth Blake Designs was truly a fantastic experience, and I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to embark on their own DIY adventure!

Rick D.

Elizabeth Blake Designs has quickly become my go to!  She’s helped me with everything from completely redesigning my office space to small spruce up’s in my home. We just built and moved to a new house...I can’t wait to get started with her design expertise in my new space!  Her business model knocks it out of the park and allows me to get an incredible design product, tailored to my taste, without paying what I would through a traditional interior designer. Do yourself a favor and give her a call!

Christi G.

I highly recommend Elizabeth Blake Designs. Elizabeth has the ability to listen to the client’s needs, develop the  details to create a complete look, all while respecting the client’s own style. Her ability to create the perfect look for a room in a timely fashion without the constraints of traditional interior design breaks the mold.  Elizabeth Blake Designs is the answer to today’s design needs combining tailored and detailed looks with the ease of online retail and modern technology.

Samantha T.



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