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The Flat Rate model was created to allow the Client to receive a compliment of design and planning services without the commitment to execute the project all at once. The scope is evaluated on a room by room basis and a one-time, flat rate fee is billed for each room. EBD will meet with the Client at the Client’s home for a 30 minute consultation. At this time, EBD will evaluate the scale of the project and become acquainted with the Client's interior design needs. The project will consist of:


For every room purchased, EBD will email a detailed design plan consisting of pictures and links to furnishings, accessories, lighting, and textiles sold by local stores and online retailers. The deliverable will also include a space plan that illustrates the placement of selected items. If the Client approves the selections, it is up to the Client to make the purchases on their own behalf and have those items shipped to their residence.


The Client will pay a one-time, flat-rate fee based on the scope of each room. EBD equates the cost by estimating the total hours needed, at $150 p/hr, to design and plan that room. There is a 10-hour minimum to engage in the Flat Rate Plan.


The Client is responsible for all purchases, returns, exchanges, refunds, delivery, and claims by and between the Client and the retailer. Additionally, the Client is responsible for the assembly of any item. EBD will not responsible for price fluctuations, quality, and color variations, out of stock items, and discontinued items. However, EBD will only make recommendations from preferred retailers.


EBD does not make modifications to the final design plan. The plan delivered to the Client will have all the required dimensions and suggested color palette for the Client to work from if they choose to make alternate selections.


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