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About Us

Hey there! We are Elizabeth and Blake Willeford, the dynamic duo behind Elizabeth Blake Designs! Married for over a decade and proud parents of two wonderful kiddos, we're rooted in the vibrant Houston Heights neighborhood, where we're committed to supporting our local schools and businesses.

Family is everything to us, and there's nothing we cherish more than spending quality time together, cooking up delicious meals, and hosting gatherings that bring everyone together.


Elizabeth has over 20 years of interior design experience, influenced by her upbringing in a family of designers and artists. She's captivated by the character and history of older homes, especially early 20th-century bungalows longing for a modern touch. Our unique business model reflects Elizabeth's personal approach to decorating, blending affordable finds with high-end furniture and playful accessories.


As for Blake, he's a true multitasker, splitting his time between Elizabeth Blake Designs and the commercial real estate business. With a flair for interior architecture, space planning, and digital design, he infuses creativity into the business. Blake is also hands-on in our children's schools and loves to showcase his culinary skills in the kitchen.

Together, we're a powerhouse team dedicated to bringing your design dreams to life!

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