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Elizabeth Blake Designs: A Look Into Our Unique Concept

Whether you’ve worked with us before or this post is your first introduction to Elizabeth Blake Designs, let me begin by saying that I’m so glad you’re here.

Hi! My name is Elizabeth, I am the lead designer and CEO of EBD (Elizabeth Blake Designs), and I believe that interior design is a transformational gift that should be accessible to everyone. After more than two decades in the industry, I decided to build a design firm with a unique concept. Please let me explain…

Our Core Beliefs

You see, EBD is not your typical design firm. There are no ongoing hourly fees or exorbitant rates. Our concept is simple and meets your needs wherever you are in your life journey. The transformative power of design can be practical, esthetic, even cathartic. I look to empower my clients with a fun design experience, where they have full control of their budget and may engage at whatever level of implication they wish to have in the project.

Transparency, turnkey, and affordability are the best ways to describe EBD.

Design rooted in lifestyle

I’ve always believed that your home should tell your story in a special, inspiring, and practical way. If you’re looking to design your family kitchen or your kid’s playroom, they can both be aesthetically pleasing and functional enough to take on any mess that follows dinner time and playtime.

I know that creativity goes a long way and with a dash of a practical approach, you never have to settle for a space that doesn't inspire you. This is true even for me, as I am a mom who runs a business in-between school drop-offs and soccer practices. If I can manage to design my space in a beautiful yet practical way, then I can do the same for you!

Interior design, done differently

I like to pull back the curtain on the mysterious and sometimes secretive world of interior design. Transparency is after all one of our core values. So let’s dive into our unique concept.

EBD offers packaged interior design services:

  1. Bundle Of Hours: You may purchase a bundle of hours and we will knock off as much on your “home decor to-do list” as possible within that block of hours. When we exceed the pre-paid hours, you may purchase another block. We request a minimum of 12 hour blocks.

  2. Room by Room Flat Rate Fee: We work with you on a room by room basis. You pick the room that’s giving you the most trouble and we take care of the rest. What that means is that you don’t have to commit to a full home project.

We will create your design concept based on your style preferences, lifestyle, and budget. We curate your room from reputable and carefully sourced retailers; all you have to do is place your orders. We take the guesswork out of the process by emailing you a personalized digital presentation consisting of your room layout with web links to furnishings, textiles, lighting, art, and accessories. This personalized digital presentation becomes your roadmap, allowing you to make direct purchases to online retailers. Our goal is to present a uniquely designed room while giving you the flexibility to execute the plan when you are ready.

Everything happens on your timeline. You don’t have to worry about ongoing hourly fees, we only charge you one flat fee for the whole process.

What to expect from our design process

Now that you are familiar with our concept, you might be wondering “How does it all happen? What can I expect from working with you?”.

Well, here is our step-by-step process that takes your “I don’t know what to do with this room” to “I can’t believe this is my home!

Step 1: Consultation

This is our discovery phase, where we get to know each other and get familiar with your needs. We will meet with you and evaluate the scope of the project, take photographs, measurements, and get acquainted with your lifestyle and your interior design needs.

Step 2: Design

Next, we get to work! We will create a one-of-a-kind digital style board to give you a glimpse of how your new space will look and feel. We always make sure to design your room while including your heirlooms and uniquely sourced furnishings. You will be given a floor plan that illustrates the placement of selected items and a vision board that provides the overall look of the room. This is the time for you to envision your new space, evaluate how it will work out for you and if there is anything else you want us to include.

Step 3: Shop

If it all looks good to you and you approve the vision board, that is when the shopping starts. We will email you a personal design presentation consisting of links to furnishings, accessories, art, lighting, and textiles sold by local stores & online retailers.

Step 4: Install

Once you’re ready, click the links, place your order, and feel confident knowing exactly where to place the furnishings in the room. Click, ship, arrive, and set up!

Et voilà! Your brand new design comes to life.

Work with us

So if you’re ready to reinvent your home one room at a time, or prefer to purchase a bundle of hours to improve miscellaneous areas of your home, let’s chat! I would be thrilled to work with you and help capture your personality and your lifestyle needs in a uniquely curated design.

Email me at and let’s get started!



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